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Underpinning our e~Commerce strategy is the powerful SSIPS Internet Platform, which allows TourCAT to be connected seamlessly and transparently to the Internet.

Being rolled out in a phased development-

  • Flight only
  • Hotels (single and go-as-you-please itineraries)
  • Events
  • Insurance
  • Ferry
  • Rail
  • Car hire
  • Tours
  • Theatre
  • Packages
  • Hospitality
  • GDS access


Full suite of reports which provide a wide range of options including previous year and margin comparisons.

  • Automatic update of statistical files
  • Bookings performance report
  • Agent performance report
  • Holiday component performance report
  • Destination performance report
  • Reservation consultants performance report
  • Children's statistics report
  • Web and third party booking performance report
  • Viewdata agent performance report
  • Booking history report
  • Unconfirmed bookings report

And many more.


  • Multi Company
  • Multi brochure within company
  • Multi currency for cost and selling prices by company
  • Selection of required holiday components by company
  • Automatic agent grading and brochure distribution system
  • Direct customer profiling
  • Mailing facilities for agents and direct customers
  • Up to 99 holiday components
    Typical examples include:-
    Air, hotels, special packages, rail, single supplier tours, air cruise, camping tours, third party products, car/camper hire, bus passes, theatre tickets, transfers, cruises, coach tickets, hospitality, miscellaneous, brochured itineraries and insurance
  • Structured to enable new components to be easily added
  • Allocations on flights, hotels, theatre tickets and hospitality
  • Comprehensive pricing structures including abilIty to give discounts. Typical examples include child/group/fixed/night/extended stay
  • Sales offers. Typical examples include special packages, extended stays, single occupancy supplements
  • Yield management reports for hotels
  • Addresses requirements for outbound and inbound operators
  • Currency management
  • Full diary and audit facilities


  • Production of all documents including: -
    Quotations, invoices, vouchers (including go-as-you-please), tickets, itineraries and labels
  • Auto-faxing and E-mailing
  • Brochure/holiday component enquiry
  • Fulfilment
  • Extensive prints including: -
    New agents, profitability reports, tax reports, arrivals/departures register and booking history details
  • Extensive statistical reporting to comply with EU legislation
  • Manifests

And many more.


  • Agencies and direct customers
  • GDS access (native and transparency)
  • Viewdata
  • Allows quotations, provisional bookings and confirmed bookings
  • Facilities to copy, link and split bookings
  • Automatic queues into document production e.g. vouchers, tickets, itineraries, invoices, standard letters
  • Extensive availability searching routines
  • General and component specific note pads for sales messages and general information
  • Links into fax and e-mail
  • Profit margin control at service and booking level
  • Currency control at service and booking level
  • Extensive reporting on daily activities
  • For each brochure, switch-on holiday components as required
  • Maintains history and status of each service in a booking
  • Ability to insert document comments and diary information
  • Diary held of all activities against a booking
  • Commission details available
  • Credit control
  • Extensive booking search facilities
  • Categorised linking of hotels


  • Password maintenance
  • User defined period end routines
  • Archiving
  • Automatic queuing of jobs


  • On-line help at field and program level
  • Batch control
  • Print management
  • Search facilities upon field entry
  • Password control
  • CD-based comprehensive documentation


The accounts function has fully integrated TourCAT sales and purchase ledgers specifically developed for tour operators. TourCAT also has the facility to integrate its own or third party nominal ledger.

  • Automatic updating of ledgers
  • Multi currency
  • Company consolidation
  • Credit control
  • Transaction listings
  • Day books
  • Aged debtors/creditors
  • Automatic credit card authorisation
  • Statements
  • Invoice authorisation
  • Remittances
  • Cheques (sterling and euro)
  • Cash processing
  • Overpayments
  • Write-offs
  • Journals
  • Trust fund reporting
  • ABTA and CAA reporting Insurance returns
  • Rail returns VAT reporting (including TOMS)
  • Extensive prints including forward currency, forward revenue, profitability reports and balance sheets


The people behind TourCAT are just as critical to the success of your investment as the system itself. We are totally committed to customer support, from initial exploratory discussions right through every stage of the project.

Our team of consultants, specialists in travel industry software, systems integration, internet and web applications will work closely with you to identity your company's I.T. requirements and the ways in which TourCAT can meet your operational needs, accommodate new distribution and product development and future business growth.

Software support and comprehensive ongoing training have a vital role to play in ensuring you achieve maximum return from your investment. Support and training programmes can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


  • Internet bookings link
  • Using the powerful SSIPS platform, TourCAT links seamlessly to the Internet enablng your web site to take direct on-line lnternet bookings

  • GDS/CRS connectivity
  • TourCAT can link directly into third party GDS/CRS systems

  • Integrated nominal ledger
  • Fully integrated with TourCAT's sales and purchase ledgers to provide management accounts and balance sheets

  • Viewdata
  • Enables the travel agency network to connect direct to TourCAT

  • GDS/CRS transparency
  • Allows an operator to bypass native mode and make requests with TourCAT user-friendly screens

  • Fax and e-mail
  • Fully integrated with the reservations module, automatically confirms and validates the sending and receiving of messages, enquiries and booking confirmations

  • Postal address file
  • An address management system for rapid postcode identification and address validation

  • On-line credit card authorisation
  • Fully integrated with the reservations module, automatically authorises all credit card receipts on-line.


  • UNIX
  • Linux

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